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Proton3 revamped Waacab's online presence with a user-friendly website, captivating product catalogues, and engaging social media campaigns, driving increased engagement, inquiries, and sales.



Waacab faced challenges in establishing its online presence and effectively showcasing its products to potential customers. They needed assistance with website development to create a user-friendly platform, product catalogue design to highlight their offerings, and social media marketing (SMM) to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Our Approach:

Our Approach involved a comprehensive strategy to address Waacab's needs. For website development, we conducted thorough research to understand their target audience and business objectives. We then designed and developed a responsive website optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The website was structured to enhance user experience and showcase Waacab's products effectively.

In terms of product catalogue design, we worked closely with Waacab to create visually appealing catalogues that showcased their products in an attractive and informative manner. Our team focused on highlighting key features, specifications, and benefits to entice potential customers and drive conversions.

For social media marketing, we developed a tailored strategy to increase brand awareness and engagement across various platforms. This involved creating engaging content, running targeted advertising campaigns, and leveraging influencer partnerships to reach a wider audience.


Thanks to Proton3's strategic approach, Waacab experienced significant improvements in its online presence and customer engagement. The newly developed website provided a seamless browsing experience for visitors, leading to increased time spent on the site and higher conversion rates. The visually appealing product catalogues helped Waacab showcase its offerings effectively, resulting in a boost in sales and inquiries. Additionally, our social media marketing efforts led to increased brand visibility, follower growth, and engagement, contributing to overall business growth and success.

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