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Total Energies

Proton3 empowered Total Energies with captivating visuals for car wash services and engaging festival creatives, driving increased bookings and social media engagement, enhancing brand visibility and growth.

Total Energies


Total Energies faced the challenge of effectively promoting their car wash services and engaging their audience on social media platforms during festivals. They needed captivating visuals and creative content to showcase their services and connect with their target audience effectively.

Our Approach:

Our Approach involved a strategic content creation and marketing strategy tailored to Total Energies' needs. For the car wash service shoot, we collaborated closely with Total Energies to capture high-quality visuals that showcased the effectiveness and efficiency of their services. We highlighted the convenience, speed, and quality of their car wash services to attract potential customers.

For festival creatives for social posts, we developed a content calendar aligned with upcoming festivals and created visually appealing and engaging creatives that reflected the festive spirit. Leveraging relevant hashtags and festive themes, we crafted social media posts that resonated with Total Energies' audience and encouraged engagement and shares.


Thanks to Proton3's strategic approach, Total Energies experienced significant improvements in their marketing efforts. The car wash service shoot showcased the quality and convenience of their services, attracting new customers and increasing bookings. The festival creatives for social posts generated buzz and excitement among their audience, leading to increased brand visibility and engagement on social media platforms. Overall, our approach helped Total Energies effectively promote their car wash services and connect with their audience during festivals, driving business growth and success.

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