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Exotic Stay

Proton3 boosted Exotic Stay's brand visibility & bookings on Airbnb, & Agoda through strategic SEO optimization & compelling listings. Resulting in increased inquiries, reservations & revenue growth for the property in Mysore.

Exotic Stay


Exotic Stay in Mysore faced the challenge of establishing its brand presence and increasing bookings on various travel platforms like Airbnb,, and Agoda. With stiff competition in the hospitality industry, it was crucial for them to stand out and attract potential guests to their property.

Our Approach:

Our Approach involved a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to Exotic Stay's unique needs. Firstly, we conducted in-depth keyword research to identify high-ranking keywords relevant to Mysore's hospitality sector. We optimized Exotic Stay's listings on Airbnb,, and Agoda with these targeted keywords, ensuring maximum visibility to potential guests searching for accommodation in Mysore. Additionally, we enhanced their listings with professional photos, compelling descriptions, and competitive pricing to attract and convert leads.


Thanks to Proton3's strategic approach, Exotic Stay witnessed a significant improvement in brand registration and bookings across multiple travel platforms. Their listings experienced higher visibility and engagement, resulting in increased inquiries and reservations from both domestic and international travelers. Within a short span of time, Exotic Stay established itself as a preferred choice among travelers visiting Mysore, leading to enhanced occupancy rates and revenue growth.

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