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Euro latex

Proton3 boosted Euro Latex's online presence, analysing markets, running targeted campaigns, and fostering social media engagement. Result? Increased marketplace sales and stronger online community.

Euro latex


Euro Latex, a top mattress brand, faced challenges in effectively managing their social media presence and marketplace presence. They struggled to engage with their audience on social media platforms and lacked a cohesive strategy to optimize their presence on online marketplaces.

Our Approach:

Our Approach involved a comprehensive strategy to enhance Euro Latex's online presence through social media management and marketplace management. Firstly, we conducted a detailed analysis of Euro Latex's target audience, industry trends, and competitors to tailor our approach accordingly.

For social media management, we developed a content calendar with engaging posts highlighting Euro Latex's premium mattresses, comfort features, and benefits. We optimized the content with SEO keywords to improve visibility and attract followers. Additionally, we implemented strategies to encourage user-generated content and foster community engagement.

For marketplace management, we optimized Euro Latex's product listings on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others. This involved enhancing product descriptions, optimizing images, and managing reviews to improve visibility and drive sales. We also implemented pricing strategies and promotions to increase competitiveness and attract more customers.


Thanks to Proton3's strategic approach, Euro Latex experienced significant improvements in their online presence and marketplace performance. Their social media platforms saw increased follower engagement, higher reach, and improved brand perception. The optimized marketplace listings led to improved visibility and sales on online platforms, driving revenue growth for Euro Latex. Overall, Proton3's holistic approach to social media and marketplace management contributed to Euro Latex's success in the digital landscape.

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